• What hours does MEDVISIT Home GP Service Operates ?
  • Does MEDVISIT service my suburb ?
  • How much does it cost to use this home visiting Doctor service ?
  • What if my regular GP is not registered with MEDVISIT?
  • When will the doctor attend me ?
  • How do you treat my personal information ?
  • Are your Doctors well qualified and competent?
What hours does MEDVISIT Home GP Service Operates ?

Monday to Friday :  6:00pm to 8:00am (the following morning),

Saturdays : 12:00pm noon to midnight, and

Sundays & Public Holidays : 24 hours

Does MEDVISIT service my suburb ?

You can check the name of your suburb in the Areas Served section of our website. Alternatively you can call us at 1300 3733 47 (1300 FREE GP)  to check our coverage status. If we are currently not serving your area, please rest assured that we are working hard to expand our coverage to all suburbs in Adelaide.

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How much does it cost to use this home visiting Doctor service ?

If you hold a valid Medicare or Veteran’s Affairs card there are NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES for you as you will be Bulk Billed.

All other patients who DO NOT hold a Medicare / Veteran’s Affairs card will be required to pay a home visit fee of $ 185.00 by EFTPOS / Credit Card at the completion of the consult. Visitors and temporary visa holders may be able to claim some part of payment through their insurance companies.

What if my regular GP is not registered with MEDVISIT?

We DO NOT require your regular GP to register with us for you to use our service. At the end of each consult on the following day, we will send the consult details to your regular GP for ongoing care and followup.

When will the doctor attend me ?

We aim to attend patients as soon as practically possible. Our doctors will call the patient for a phone triage and will also inform the patient of an approximate time when they will be attended. Sometimes due to number of patients and long travel distances, there may be some delays. Our doctors and call centre will keep patients informed in this case. If at any time you feel your condition has deteriorated, please call our call centre again so that we can advise you of appropriate action to take.

How do you treat my personal information ?

MEDVISIT complies with Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988) and Privacy Amendment 2000 (Private Sector), being an organization by the Act that collects and stores personal information.

Are your Doctors well qualified and competent?

Doctors working for MEDVISIT are registered with Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA), and go through regular training and professional development activities. Their placement is assessed and approved by Department of Health and Ageing before they are able to start working for our service.

Our team of Doctors is supervised by Medical Directors for quality control ensuring best patient outcome. They also carry regular clinical audits & provide ongoing clinical governance. Medical Directors at MEDVISIT supervise the placement and daily clinical encounter of our Doctors with patients and are always available for any expert advice.

Message from the State Manager MEDVISIT:

As the State Manager of Medvisit, I take great pride in the care and services we offer to our patients. Our doctors are amongst the most qualified and experienced specialists in their field and thus maintain the highest standards of care. Our friendly yet professional call centre assist pateints in the most efficient manner. Being dynamic with core values based on high level of patient satisfaction, we are competing with the leading afterhours in the market and will soon grow to be the best.

We offer home visits by our Doctors for medical conditions requiring attention when your own GP is not available. Once a locum Doctor has visited you, we will send the treatment notes and relevant information to your GP for follow up and ongoing medical attention.

Call us now if you are in a medical emergency need, we will reply swiftly and provide you with a medical aid.

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